Unitruder X

Bored with filament 3D printing? Screw it.


Patent-pending design of screw and barrel makes Unitruder X compatible with virtually any printable particles up to 5 mm.


Compatible with most basic motion systems thanks to record-low mass.

450 °C ready

Highly efficient water-cooling circuit creates thermal barrier, ensuring that pellets will not melt too soon.

No oozing

Reliable anti-oozing mechanism delivers performance on par with retraction on direct drive extruders and better than bowden type systems.

Ultra rugged

The materials of barrel and screw can withstand abrasive feedstocks and reinforced plastics at temperatures up to 450 °C


Can be configured for large hopper or automatic feeder, single or dual heating zones, maximum precision or maximum flow rate.


Can be easily upgraded to dual material version.

Unitruder X – Technical specification